Looking for Love During the Pandemic? OkCupid Has the Answer!

9/30/2020 9:07:55 AM

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Looking for Love During the Pandemic? OkCupid Has the Answer!

Looking for love during the pandemic? OkCupid has the answer! Finding true love has never been easy, and COVID-19 has made things especially tricky. So how and where do you find your kind'? This can be a burning question especially at a time when everyone is practicing social distancing. As luck has it for all you single millennials out there, it turns out the answer is simpler than it appears. Global dating app OkCupid, which has been present in India for nearly two years, with its unique and sophisticated algorithm can help you find the one thing that's the bedrock of a successful romantic relationship - compatibility! That too from the comfort of your home. Hence it is no surprise that there are an increasing number of single Indians looking for love on OkCupid resulting in a whopping 26% increase in conversations on the app since March 2020.

Without wasting anymore time, we are here to tell you the top five reasons OkCupid has been so successful - with thousands of matches happening on the app daily for over two decades around the world. It has basically been THE place where modern love begins. Let's find out why!

Find the best of the best on OkCupid

The app has been built in such a manner that it automatically weeds out users with low intent to seriously date. It attracts and curates daters who are willing to invest time and are looking for something serious. Everyone on OkCupid answers multiple questions and fills out detailed profiles so they can connect over things that actually matter. The app has a crowd of well-qualified millennials sharing their views on themselves as well as what matters - topics that are thought-provoking as well as quirky ranging from views on voting, politics, feminism to preference of paneer on pizza. In short, everything that one would truly care about for in a relationship. For instance, 91% of OkCupid users believe the responsibility of running a home and raising children should be split equally between partners, which is a far cry from traditional gender roles that have been propagated in our society for so long.

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OkCupid understands you (and your quirks!)

OkCupid is built around an algorithm that uses answers to well-researched incisive questions (they have over 3000 in their kitty!) to introduce people on the same wavelength - basically your kind of person'. Your answer to each question lets you express your opinions and what is important to you. The platform is designed to understand your personality and preferences more deeply through these answers, allowing the algorithm to take over and suggest matches as per your requirements. As they rightly say, Good things take time', OkCupid has an intentionally time-intensive sign-up process where you must answer at least 15 questions before even being shown potential matches.

For OkCupid, user safety is a priority

Safety and privacy are the most important requirements while using a dating app. It's even more important to take these into account in today's world where data can be potentially misused as many of us have heard about popular Chinese dating and social discovery apps being banned by the Indian Government recently. Keeping safety and privacy at the forefront, OkCupid ensures the highest privacy standards globally as it is GDPR and CCPA compliant. It also has various other safety features that puts you in control when you are looking for your kind of partner and does not compromise your data, privacy and security.

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Using OkCupid is exciting!

The entire experience of using OkCupid from the start is fun with an easy user-interface and colorful background that'll cheer you up. Their latest feature Stacks' is a discovery experience that introduces you to potential matches in a focused and more thoughtful way. It gives you choice and control over who you can potentially date through a variety of cool features. Moreover, the questions that you answer are fun and relevant and there are multiple prompts to help you really get to know someone and connect at a deeper level. What can be assured from the matches you find on OkCupid is that there won't be any unpleasant surprises!

OkCupid celebrates old school love and romance'

The silver lining of COVID-19 has been that it has slowed us down and the focus has shifted back to discovering romance and compatibility with a potential partner through quality of conversations and genuine time spent getting to know each other. This shift away from no-label situationships' has reignited the romance in courtship. Millennials are rediscovering and defining for themselves what love means to them, what real happy relationships look like and finding someone who believes in their kind of love through OkCupid. In fact, 85% of OkCupid members say it's important to develop an emotional connection before a physical one, so the switch to slow virtual dates has allowed these emotional connections to thrive.

So what are you waiting for? The pandemic should not stop you from finding true love with online dating platforms like OkCupid. Make the most of your time, take things slowly, and interact with multiple people you come across on the platform before settling onto your kind. The more time you spend on the platform, the more likely you are to find a perfect match for yourself.