Why MSI Gaming Laptops Are Perfect for Indian Gamers

10/7/2020 8:20:34 AM

07 Oct

Why MSI Gaming Laptops Are Perfect for Indian Gamers

Laptops come in all sizes and shapes these days, but the one you need to pick up depends on what you're going to do with it. If you're into gaming, a powerful gaming laptop can offer you great graphics, an immersive display, perfect audio, all inside a neat portable package. A great gaming laptop can also work as a great work-from-home machine for most people as well.

Gaming laptops are great for people who want to play games while on the move. They take up less space than a desktop, and are ideal for everyone from young college students to business users who'd prefer playing a game while travelling. The kind of gaming laptop that's ideal for you will depend on which games you want to play with it, and how future-ready you want it to be.

MSI is easily one of the best-selling gaming laptop brands in the market today. The company's gaming laptops are powered by state-of-the-art technology that promises high performance while ensuring high-quality standards.

MSI's gaming laptops are preferred by gamers around the world, and are ideal replacements to bulky high-end gaming PCs that are perfect for most gaming enthusiasts. No matter what your budget, MSI has a gaming laptop for you.

Today, we'll tell you why you should pick up an MSI gaming laptop:

Powerful gaming laptops that can run all your favourite games

MSI gaming laptops are equipped with Intel's 10th generation Core processors that bring an unparalleled gaming experience right on your laptop. With up to 8 cores, you get up to 50 percent performance boost compared to last-generation Core CPUs. This means you can run all your favourite PC games without any worries. Simply pick the right MSI gaming laptop for your gaming needs, and it'll help you enjoy all your PC games without a lag.

GF65 Performance msi laptops

As for graphics, MSI's gaming laptops come with Nvidia GeForce RTX and GeForce RTX Super series graphics card. This means you get an insane level of graphics quality on your MSI gaming laptop. These new GPUs bring your games to life with SUPER-fast ray tracing that delivers accurate life-like graphics. With advanced memory, performance boosts, and new processing technologies, you get nothing but the best in a sleek and light form factor.


Real Time RAYTRACING in Games msi laptops

Keyboards that are built for gaming

MSI gaming laptops are designed with gaming enthusiasts in mind. When you're playing games, you need a solid keyboard that doesn't slow you down. MSI brings you gaming keyboards that are powered by Steelseries. These keyboards offer real-time game stats, during gameplay, via a per-key illumination system. The colourful outputs can help you oversee key metrics such as health level, ammo levels, etc. while still being immersed in your gameplay experience.

The Steelseries Engine 3 offers a variety of exciting features with multiple backlit colours that can transform your keyboard into a high technology firearm, available with select MSI laptop models.

Powerful sound experience to elevate your gaming experience

MSI gaming laptops feature support for Hi-Res audio that are fine-tuned to perfection, to deliver the best quality sound experience during gaming while you're playing your favourite games and using a headset. The setup is powered by a world-class Dynaaudio sound system which generates a crisp and clean sound, with the right amount of bass. Playing games on a laptop will never be the same once you try out an MSI gaming laptop.

MSI Dragon Center to help you optimize your system

Gaming is more fun when you can optimise a system to suit your specific needs. MSI's gaming laptops include the company's Dragon Center which offers a sleek user interface to help you optimize the laptop. It also offers essential diagnostic information, system performance details, and other customizable profiles.

You can simply switch to Gaming Mode with the click of a button. Crosshair overlay is an MSI exclusive feature that will change the way you experience first-person shooter games. Battery Master lets you manage the battery life on your laptop so that you don't run out of juice while playing your favourite games.

These are just some of the powerful features that come with MSI's gaming laptops. If you're looking to upgrade or buy a new gaming laptop, you should check out MSI's complete line-up in India. As we mentioned earlier, MSI has something for everyone across different price ranges. So no matter if you're a new gamer or an experienced gaming enthusiast, you can pick up an MSI gaming laptop and enjoy some worry-free gaming on the go.

MSI is currently running a Diwali special sale with discounts worth up to 35 percent. During the sale, you'll be able to grab MSI's GF75 Thin, GF65 Thin and GF63 Thin gaming laptops at a discounted price. These powerful gaming laptops are built for enthusiasts who wish for nothing but the best possible gaming experience on a laptop. For more details, visit MSI's website